Monday, March 7, 2011

Anniballe Carracci sketch

Well, I think its a Carracci and I think its a Madonna. There were three Carraccis, I think this is Annibale. But I don't know because I can't find the link for the reference. 

"Neither clean nor well-dressed, with his collar askew, his hat jammed on any old way and his unkempt beard, Annibale Carracci seemed to be like an ancient philosopher, absent-minded and alone," wrote an early biographer. A tailor's son, Carracci considered himself a craftsman, not a courtier, but the Romans buried him in the Pantheon beside Raphael. 

About 9x12 black and white charcoal on green tinted paper.


  1. Wow , A Righteous blog Martin ,you knew I just had to say that word, I love it-your blog I mean! keep up the beautiful art always ...:) -SH

  2. Thank you Sandra, and welcome!

  3. Love the Carracci sketch, it's beautiful!